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SLAP Widgets are transparent general-purpose tangible controls for multi-touch tables made from silicone and acrylic. They are low-cost and untethered, and combine the benefits of dynamic relabeling and tactile feedback. For more information, visit SLAP: Silicone Illuminated Active Peripherals ||

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Physical user interface components such as buttons, sliders, knobs, and keyboards have many advantages: thanks to their haptic nature, they are easy to operate without looking, and their shape guides the user's input gestures. However, they are often expensive, and it is hard to change their labeling on the fly. Computer interfaces have largely replaced these devices with virtual on-screen controls, such as push buttons, scrollbars, rotary knobs and soft keyboards. Virtual controls are very flexible, easily changed dynamically - but they lack the physical, haptic texture and feedback of their real-world counterparts.
Our Silicone ILluminated Active Peripherals, or SLAP widgets, are physical widgets made from silicone rubber and acrylic that combine the advantages of physical and virtual devices: Our SLAP buttons, sliders, knobs and keyboards have the physical shape of real devices to provide the right haptic feedback, but are still easily relabeled using a tabletop rear projection. At the same time, they are particularly low-cost, and easy to put to use.||
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