terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009

[video][Get a Mac: PC Easy as 1 23 ] #TheNewYorkTimesAppleAds #trueLOL [in HD with transcript] @[youtube|mcritz46vl]

Mac: Hello, Im a Mac
PC: And Im a PC. [incredulously] Mac, people love you because youre so incredibly easy to use.
Mac [flattered]: Oh, thanks, buddy.
PC: Well, Im here to say Im also incredibly easy to use.
Mac: Sure. Yeah.
PC [points towards SIGN that reads PC. Easy as 1-2 3]: Take a look.
Mac [reading]: Huh. Yeah. PC. Easy as 1-2-3. I like that.
PC [smugly]: No. No. No. PC. Easy as one through twenty-three. You see, let me show you.
[Switches places with Mac to pull drawstring on SIGN]
Mac [confused]: OK
PC [pulling sign, which unrolls to reveal 23 numbered items that list the frequent headaches of PC users everywhere. The word reboot is listed several times.]: See just follow these twenty-three simple steps and its easy to do stuff on a PC.
Mac [humoring PC]: Wow! That looks really easy.
PC [counting with his fingers]: Yup. Easy as one through twenty-three.