domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

[vid][interview] Daniel Paul Tammet #brainPOWER #SavantSyndrome #BESTseller #functioningAutistic #math @[youtube|ButtSchex]

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Daniel Paul Tammet (born 31 January 1979) is a writer with high-functioning autistic savant syndrome. His bestselling 2006 memoir Born On A Blue Day was named a "Best Book for Young Adults" in 2008 by the American Library Association.
Tammet's second book, Embracing the Wide Sky, was named one of France's bestselling books of 2009 by the Express magazine in its March 2010 edition.||
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This is a short video on an amazing human being, Daniel Tammet from Bristol, England, who apparently has Savant Syndrome and can make insane calculations in his mind (even surpassing several calculators).
Credits to and Daniel Tammet for this video. ||
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