domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

[vid] A Forecast of Science Storms - Science begins with wonder inspired by nature #tech #expo

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Why does a tornado spin?
Why does a wave break?
Why does a flame burn?
Why does lightning strike?
Our questions about the world begin almost as soon as we're aware of it. Science can answer the questions, yet science is also the process of asking. The essence of science emerges from this deep human desire to observe the world around us and make sense of nature’s awe-inspiring phenomena. Science Storms is a journey that takes us from wonder to inquiry, curiosity to observation, investigation to understanding.
Science Storms reveals the science behind seven natural phenomena—lightning, fire, tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, sunlight and atoms in motion. Investigate the basic scientific principles behind nature's power as you try more than 50 amazing experiments that take two floors and 26,000 square feet to contain … barely. It’s a perfect storm of physics, chemistry and curiosity.
This new permanent exhibit is included in Museum general admission, and does not require a separate timed-entry ticket. Join us on an adventure to discover science inspired by the spectacle of nature! ||
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