sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

[vid] The Art of Analog Computing #GEEKart #MacOS #Windows #BlueScreenOfDeath @[vimeo|meltmedia]

The Art of Analog Computing from meltmedia on Vimeo.

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The premise of this short film is to represent the digital tools and interfaces we use daily in an analog way. In the analog office, your computer desktop becomes your actual desk, your inbox gets flooded with Spam cans, the server runs past you multiple times a day (and perhaps crashes every now and then), and Twitter users follow each other around the space. This concept is essentially just for fun but also reminds us just how digitally connected we all are. The video was acted and produced entirely by the Meltmedia team and filmed in the Meltmedia office. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.
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