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The next generation of fully articulated myo-electric hands.
Complete with a range of naturally compliant grip patterns that provide repeatable accuracy, our powerful new hands combine innovative technology with life-like appearance.
Bebionic hands feature naturally compliant grip patterns combining innovative technology with life-like appearance. Functions of the hand such as speed, grip force and grip patterns may be custom programmed to suit individual user requirements through smart software and wireless technology. Lighter than existing products it will be available to the market at an affordable price.

The bebionic range will also include the worlds first powered wrist with rotation as well as flexion/extension. Completing the range is an advanced silicone skin available in 19 skin shades.

Paul Steeper, Product Sales Director of RSLSteeper said:

We are really excited about the bebionic range and feel it has the potential to revolutionise the upper extremity prosthetics market. Bebionic has been designed to strike the perfect balance between advanced technology and aesthetics. Products will be priced to make them available to as many potential users as possible worldwide.

Bebionic will be officially launched at the orthopadie technik world conference in Leipzig, Germany in May 2010.
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