sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2009

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[||] I grew up in the wilds of Southern Africa, and am now a professional wildlife filmmaker and photographer.

My filming career across Southern Africa is more of a passion than a job and while living amongst the beasts I strive to create an awareness for Africa's wild places and its animals.

My ultimate goal is to help maintain them for future generations through sustainable development - enhancing the lives of the communities that share the land with the wildlife.

I hope that through the entertainment my films provide, I can captivate the viewer, many of who will be the future stewards of our world's heritage.

Take a wander through some of my sets to get a better idea of where I am and what I do:

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A Different Take

Right now, I'm live blogging the making of my new African wildlife documentary from the bush in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and sharing the photos here with the Flickr community .

Please visit my blog, Wildcast.net, and check out the ongoing adventure of making a wildlife film.

You can think of Wildcast as a new interactive channel broadcast to you over the internet, directly from the wilds of Africa.

By subscribing to this channel and becoming part of the Wildcast community, all for free of course, you can be a part of my exciting daily adventures as I follow and film the animals, birds and magnificent landscapes that make up the cast and backdrop of my next motion picture.
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