sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

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<a href="">The Trapdoor - Episode 1 - Breakfast Time</a>

<a href="">The Trapdoor - Episode 2 - Slither, Wriggle and Writhe</a>[||] Don't you open that Trap Door. You're a fool if you dare! There's something down there! The Trap Door is a hilariously ghoulish and startlingly original clay animation series starring our hero, Berk, and his companions Boni (a moaning skull) and Drutt (a small, strange looking spider). The day-to-day routine of Berk looking after his master (‘The Thing upstairs') is constantly interrupted as all manner of things emerge from The Trap Door to make life a little more difficult! Trap Door's hilarious and bizarre humour appeals to kids, students and adults alike!

Download The Trapdoor complete collection today from iTunes [||]